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Ethiopia Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) Instructions for completion of Registration Form for Taxpayers Abroad


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Step one:

1. Download the Application Form.
( http://www.erca.gov.et/index.php/tin-registration )

Step Two:

2. Print the form on a clean white A4 or Letter size paper. Make sure that the top left and bottom right corner ‘markers’ are printed (See sample below). If not, then select the correct print size form to download, and print that.

Step Three:

3. Complete fields: 2.1 to 6.5 ( do not fill in fields: 1 and 7 (7.1 & 7.2) )

Step Four:

4. Take form to nearest law enforcement agency (e.g. Police Station) to have fingerprints taken and transposed to the form using ink (see the example below).
Summarized requirements for Fingerprints:
a. Mark an ‘X’ to indicate which fingerprints cannot be taken (fingers missing).
b. Please use only BLACK ink.
c. Fingerprints taken should be flat and not rolled.
d. Ensure that each fingerprint image is placed in the center of the box provided.
e. Fingers should be spread slightly, not pressed together.
f. Try not to slant the fingers or have it at an angle.

Step Five:

5. The officer, who captures the fingerprints, should then complete Block-1 with his/her relevant details.

Step Six:

6. Affix a colour passport photograph to B using glue, not a staple, as this will damage the photograph. It should neatly fit in the block, and should not be larger or smaller.
Summarized Requirements for Photograph:
a. Rotation of the head shall be less than ±5 degrees from frontal in every direction.
b. Only one face allowed in frontal image.
c. Eyes shall be open.
d. Shoulders shall be “square on” to the camera.
e. Lighting to be equally distributed on face.
f. The region from crown to the chin shall be clearly visible and shadow-free.
g. There shall be no dark shadows in the eye-sockets due to the brow.
h. Diffused, balanced light sources shall be used.
i. Only clear glasses allowed.
j. Glass frame should not obscure any eye.
k. Face image is horizontally centered.
l. Ensure that the face is vertically positioned (not stretched).
m. Minimum face image width to be at least 5/7 of the full image width.
n. The resolution of the full images shall be at least 180 pixels of resolution for the width of the head, or roughly 90 pixels from eye center to eye center.

Step Seven:

7. Proceed to the local Ethiopia Consulate or Embassy, where the form will be accepted.

Step Eight:

8. Make sure that you are given a receipt for your application.

Step Nine:

9. Your self appointed representative should regularly follow up with ERCA on the status of your application. ERCA will not contact you or your representative. Your representative will be responsible to ensure that you get furnished with your newly issued TIN number. You will be able to collect your TIN card from ERCA once you are back in Addis Ababa.

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Clickhere to download the registration form

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